Aug 19, 2012

Forbidden Siren archives #1: Accidental tourist

What follows is a first in a series of PS2 horror game Forbidden Siren inspired fan comics I drew between 2004 and 2007. Knowledge of the game will open it up more but it's readable without it too. The setting is a rural Japan in a place called Arato where something very weird is going on, something that happens every 30 years. Most of the people have been turned into shibitos, living dead, and few remaining survivors try to make their way out of the place.

This comic features my own characters into the lore (though one character from the game makes a cameo) and it was summer '04 when European Championships in soccer was in action when I drew it. Kasumi Soma is a Japanese student, quick-tempered and foul-mouthed, while Milla Koivu is a Finnish kickboxer brought into Japan for reasons revealed later in these comics.

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Art: J. Piira, story: P. & J. Piira

These all are pencil drawings which were scanned and turned into black and white with a graphics software. Coloring and post-processing (dampening the colors and adding noise to the pictures) were also done with the software. Original lettering was done digitally too but I replaced it with a new hand-written text with some editing to the original script as well. The story of the comic will be continued... Forbidden Siren is © SCEE 2004, Kasumi Soma & Milla Koivu are © me