Jul 25, 2012

Boulder Business

Art: J. Piira, story & screenplay: P. & J. Piira

A follow-up to The Exhibition. A crazy artist? I think they prefer to be called "eccentric"!


NePaul Wilson said...

Haha she almost seemed like a murder for a few seconds there. Also the dialogue is fantastic! I love the bit "Loose boulders" it sounds so sexual haha.

Now comes that horrific moment when I know I have to wait for the next couple pages.

My only real complaint is some of the text is a little hard to read, not all of it mind you, just a few lines. Other than that I'd say you got a work of art (no pun intended).

Shunichiro said...

Thanks! As for the lettering, it turned out a bit too small, the next time I will letter bigger.

As for what's in store next for artist Frankie Yashiro (I forgot to mention her name in this story!), we have seen her exhibition ("The Exhibition") and collecting materials ("Boulder Business") for her works so the logical step will be see her working her art! It will be fun, I hope!