Aug 24, 2012

Forbidden Siren archives #2: Little shop of horros

Second in the series of PS2 horror game Forbidden Siren inspired fan comics I drew between 2004 and 2007. This one is from 2004. But what has happened? Why is Kasumi on a slab, why she's missing a tooth and where are she and Milla anyway? Simple reason for this is because Siren's chapters didn't play out in a chronological manner and when I published these fan comics in a webpage of mine back then I followed the similar approach. So the next chapter after this you will see here will take place between Accidental tourist and this one. Confused already? Good, because Siren did that to you when you played it!

page 1
 page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
Art: J. Piira, story: P. & J. Piira

These are pencil drawings as well which were scanned and turned into black and white with a graphics software. Coloring and post-processing (dampening the colors and adding noise to the pictures) were also done with the software. Original lettering was done digitally too but I replaced it with a new hand-written text with some editing to the original script as well.

Siren is © of SCEE, Milla and Kasumi are © me

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