Aug 19, 2010


Art and story: J. Piira, screenplay: J. & P. Piira

This follow-up to '269' picks up straight from where the first part was left. On a technical note, this time I used different 'screen format' and 'lightning', and moved back to old, trusty Promarkers instead of Neopiko, due to more soft Canson art paper which smudges Neopikos' mark. I had to change to different paper as my usual paper of choice, Canford 'China White', is out of stock everywhere.

Aug 8, 2010

The Exhibition

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Art: J. Piira, script: P. & J. Piira

The Exhibition started life just as a random picture featured in the entry 'Art Talk' at my art blog. Soon we came up with a little story around it. This might not be the last we see of Frankie Yashiro or The Critics...