Jun 12, 2011


Art: J. Piira, story: J. & P. Piira

After a long "season break", WenWen and 269 are back at the scene! Indeed, which one messaged WenWen?


Jellyfish Opera said...

Hahaha, girl talk, I enjoyed it though! I really love that sixth panel though, that look is quite awesome!

Shunichiro said...

Girl talk... erm, indeed! And written by men! Sometimes authors are too close to the subject to realize what it actually is! Anyway, this episode was planned months ago but only recently I had time to finish it. I already have the last episode of 269 planned, but I don't know yet how many episodes will it take to reach it. Sometimes stories want to tell their tale by themselves, it seems, no matter how odd that may sound like, and I just ride along with it!