Feb 18, 2011

Bangkok '10

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Art: J. Piira, story & screenplay: P. Piira & J. Piira
This little tale of revenge finishes the assassination trilogy. As you can see from the layouts, this was more structured and scripted than the previous parts so little was changed from the storyboards. Only some of the panels were mirrored for a better flow of the action. Speaking of it, certain part of the action scene pays homage to Indiana Jones comic story I enjoyed as a kid, and later appreciate it for its art and pacing. Instead of A3-sized papers I usually draw my art, this time I drew each panel to A5-sized paper, which is four times smaller. Also I chose a different art style; I didn't ink the panels but colored straight onto pencils using a very limited color palette of 10 or so Promarker 'manga pens'.


Jellyfish Opera said...

So I finally sat down and read through everything you had built up till now. I must say, I'm excited, I'm really excited.

The style is rougher than your usual work, but it fits the seedy underground background and the quick wips from the characters are all the more engaging, I'm interested in seeing where you take this series and where it develops.

Another thing worth noting is I really like the fact you are using more body motion in this, more action. It's fun to paint life when it's still, but you protray life in a whole new setting when you give it motion and I think that's what I'm most excited to see from you, giving a whole new spectrum of emotion to your work.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you! Yes, I'm really happy myself too with the way I portrayed motion as the story progresses. I guess using smaller paper size with fast, broad pen strokes gives more haste to the drawings than usually, even though it's not impossible to achieve it with larger scale either.

I still hope you liked 'The Ghosts of Us' too even though it's more dialogue/character driven than shorties here. After all, it was a huge undertaking, as you can imagine.

As for things for Graphic Voices, the sequel to 'Electric Dreams' is under works with 10 panels already completed. And yes, it will have action... ;)

Also, '269' will stroll along with two next episodes planned but not yet executed.

Jellyfish Opera said...

The fact that you are continuing Electric dreams is probably the best thing I've heard all day.

It's great to see so much great work coming from you and each piece of art has it's own feeling as well.

Patrick Leyendecker said...

nice skteches, keep on the good work