Aug 14, 2011

The Cage

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Art by J. Piira, screenplay by J. & P. Piira, based on a poem by P.P. Piira

This short story was a winning entry for July's challenge in a Finnish comic book forum. The challenge's theme was "bars" (as in prison) but for this English translation I thought "the cage" worked better. The story was done when I was completely run out of A3-sized art papers I usually draw on and almost all my felt tips had dried out. Still I wanted to enter the challenge so I took an A5-sized sketch book and drew the comic with half-dried pens. I think that served the story which is based on a poem my mother wrote in 1980's. I wanted to keep the comic completely hand-drawn so I even lettered it by hand. Sorry for my poor handwriting!

1 comment:

Jellyfish Opera said...

Congratulations on being the winning entry, you definitely deserve it.

As for the piece itself, the images as well as the text/speech bubbles also lend to the subject matter, they are straight edge and surrounding the letters and the letters are are very solid. I'd say you achieved your goal.

Haha it's also just awesome to see a new comic by you!