Oct 5, 2010

Electric Dreams - Extended Edition

Chapter 1 - The Trail 
Chapter 2 - Child
Chapter 3 - Adam
Chapter 4 - Tears in the Rain
Chapter 5 - Xianghua
Chapter 6 - Interlude in the Rain
Chapter 7 - The Dollhouse
Chapter 8 - The Chase
Chapter 9 - The Family
Art: J. Piira, script: P. & J. Piira

Electric Dreams, my homage to one the greatest sci-fi films ever, Blade Runner, was originally published in my art blog as a six-part picture story, where narration and dialogue were written below the drawings. It was the longest picture story I had done, and after finishing it, there was bit of an empty feeling and a sense of exhaustion. Such was an effort I put into it but I thought it turned out better than I had ever imagined. That's why it has felt bad when update by update it gets pushed back deeper into archives. So I decided to give it a new life by turning the story into a graphic novel, and added three new scenes, making it in movie terms 'an extended edition'.

1 comment:

Jellyfish Opera said...


That was a damn masterpiece! I loved every second of it! Your story, art, and direction were just synced so well with each other. I would pay to see this made into a movie. Hell I'd help produce it even!

Bravo mate, bravo!