Sep 22, 2010


Art and story: J. Piira, screenplay: J. & P. Piira

A cliffhanger, don't you hate them? You have to wait for the next episode to see what was Ron's grand idea... On a technical note, I variated between my trusty Promarkers and new Neopikos, to give latter one more chance. I think Neopiko failed the test at the moment when the tip of one pen dropped off. Pop, just like that! It's not like it was an old and overused pen, quite the contrary! I have read people raving about Neopikos and sure enough, there are nice tones in the color selection but unless they make them more durable, I don't see myself buying them in the future (unless they stop importing Promarkers in favor of these 'hot, kewl new pens'...).

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