Aug 19, 2010


Art and story: J. Piira, screenplay: J. & P. Piira

This follow-up to '269' picks up straight from where the first part was left. On a technical note, this time I used different 'screen format' and 'lightning', and moved back to old, trusty Promarkers instead of Neopiko, due to more soft Canson art paper which smudges Neopikos' mark. I had to change to different paper as my usual paper of choice, Canford 'China White', is out of stock everywhere.


Jellyfish Opera said...

I think this panel above the others really shows you have an understanding of facial features and how they work, really good character designs and an ability to show emotion.

You have a real gift in showing textures and a meaning, because a lot of your work is keyed around the facial area.

Amazing work as always, can't wait to see the next update, which is odd because I don't get updates on my roster for this blog for some reason, but I get it form your other.

Shunichiro said...

For some reason, I wasn't happy with this 12-picture story. I thought the drawings weren't good enough. Maybe I was once again in that mood 'I can't draw a thing', however silly that may sound. But my brother kept insisting and convincing me the character's faces and their expressions are perfect in the context so I made this update after all. I think he was right, as usual :)

I don't know yet what the next short story here will be but '269' will continue further. I have already a beginning for the third part thought out!