Jul 22, 2010


Art & Script: J. Piira

'269' started as just a few random pictures to test out a new set of pens, Deleter Neopiko-2 series skin tones, and to be published in my art blog. I had to try out the alternatives to my main tools of trade, Letraset Promarker 'manga pens', because at one point I was lead to believe my art outlet stops supplying them because of having these new Neopikos available. That turned out to be a wrong call though - at least for now. Soon after I happened to read one aforism from the net and it fit the mood of the pictures I had already done so I decided to turn them into a short comic. I hastily wrote the script onto the back of a used envelope and drew the remaining pictures to make this little episode complete.


Jellyfish Opera said...

Dude, I've been waiting for this! I would love to see you do a complete graphic novel, that would be something I would HAVE to own. Your art is something the world should embrace.

Shunichiro said...

Thanks again for your kind words!

What comes to graphic novels, at http://soccerandnoodles.blogspot.com/
there is a longer graphic novel by me, as you must have noticed by reading my blog. That story is very important for me, as it's my first 'published' graphic novel of my own (and my brother's, as he co-wrote it).

And last year, I did a 84-page long sci-fi graphic novel but it's yet unpublished in any media. I wrote it in Finnish and I have been a bit too lazy at translating it to English. It turned out to be more of a task as I thought as it has some very technical and complex sentences, so in a way I have to 're-think' all the dialogue instead of translating it per se. The story is a mix of different sci-fi genres with a twist of Japanese style horror.

Getting a full-color graphic novel published is not so easy, and it's expensive too, so I'm thinking of putting it into net as well - as soon as I have translated it and having had the script proofread by my dear Northern Irish friend who already has promised to do it.